Co-Founder (m/f/d)


Al Summers Media is a digital voice assistant and chatbot design & development powerhouse from Munich, Germany. Established at the beginning of 2019 we started off  by developing Alexa skill and Google Assistant actions. Fast forward eighteen months we are offering turn-key chatbot and AI agent design & development services to customers worldwide. Our customer portfolio consists of SMEs from US, Canadian, Israeli, UAE and German markets with BMW Group being our biggest customer to date. Our startup specializes in the following services:


πŸ”° Design of chat user interfaces and conversation scripts for in-house chat apps and client projects

πŸ”° Design and development voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

πŸ”° Development of Cognitive Agents for Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp for Business, Dialogueflow

πŸ”° Enabling Businesses to leverage Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger for marketing, sales and lead generation

πŸ”° Marketing, mailing, CRM automation and API integration with 3rd party services

πŸ”° In-house chatbots design and setup for Zendesk, Manychat, Landbot, Collect.Chat and similar services

πŸ”° Chatbot Marketing for Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp for Business


We’re currently looking for a non-technical co-founder that would help us grow the business to the next level and propel our brand within the chatbot and voicebot community.


Co-Founder Role Description

As a co-founder you will work with other co-founders to establish and direct the activities of the business startup. This is a dynamic role with responsibilities that include identifying market opportunities for services that fill a specific niche, developing business plans and forecasts, and participating in early marketing activities to build brand awareness and excitement for a company and its services. You are an excellent big-picture thinker that has already gained practical and hands-on experience as a digital product or service development lead. You don’t shy away from reaching out to prospective customers and conducting marketing or promotion activities. Ideally, you’re accustomed to generating and acquiring new leads using social media, cold calls and online advertisement. You have excellent oral and written communication skills (German and English) that enable you sell directly to clients using a variety of sales channels. You are a results-driven doer that has what it takes to deliver outstanding measurable results as a service provider and a product builder. You are familiar with financial analysis and planning and you’re able to make informed decisions with respect to the startup’s financial health and budget planning.


Co-Founder Duties and Responsibilities

  • As a co-founder and co-owner you represent the startup with a high degree of professionalism to our clients and partners

  • Identify market opportunities in the niche of digital virtual assistants, chatbots and voicebots. You are able to determine whether that market presents an opportunity to establish and grow a successful service or product within that space

  • Co-manage digital solutions development from early specifications to bringing it into production for in-house digital products and external client projects

  • Lead direct marketing and promotion activities for in-house products and services by building a social media presence, crafting social media releases, and attending industry events to build word-of-mouth. You are building anticipation for product and services before they are released to the market

  • Develop financial estimates, set milestones and timelines. Part of this role can also involve seeking out additional funding and investors for a new venture

  • Create business plans and legal documents

  • Identify areas where it benefits the company to bring in new personnel. You inspire and lead teams to increase the market share


Co-Founder Benefits

  • A solid product, a service offering and a business model proven by real financial transactions

  • A co-founder opportunity with an attractive equity package (you OWN this company together with your co-founders = you hold the majority of shares)

  • Depending on the monthly revenue you can also pay yourself a small base salary, which is up to you and your co-founders to decide - you manage your cashflow! The salary increases appropriately over time. Don't apply if: you feel not ready to survive with little or any salary for some months to keep the company not run out of cash too soon

  • Fame and glory for what you will have built

  • Work from home from any location





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